Club By-Laws

N.E.P. Sno-Trails, Inc.

Article I – Description

Section 1: This organization shall be known and designated as N.E.P.Sno-Trails, Inc.

Section 2: This organization is organized and operated exclusively for charitable, educational
and scientific purposes, including for such purposes, the making of distributions to organizations
that qualify as exempt organizations under section 501C3 of the Internal Revenue Service.

Section 3: This object of this organization will be to provide a safe and enjoyable trail system
specifically for the use of snowmobiling.

Section 4: This organization shall be comprised of regular and administrative members.

Section 5: The purpose of this club is as follows:
1. Establish and maintain a non-profit snowmobile trail system in the counties of:
Wayne, Susquehanna and Lackawanna.

2. Advocate friendships and respect between snowmobile users and land- owners
through effective communication and agreements.

3. Promote safe use of snowmobiles through educational training.

4. Maintain a good public image of snowmobile users through education and good
public relations.

5. Promote snowmobiling as a family sport.

6. Support other civic activities and organizations that benefit these areas.
Article II – Officers

Section 1: The elected officers of this organization shall be a President, Vice President,
Treasurer and Recording Secretary, Lead Mechanic, Four (4) Trustees.

Article III – Elections

Section 1: The officers shall be nominated at the first regular meeting in November, and voted
into office at the first regular meeting in December. Members shall assume their office at the
first regular meeting in January.

Section 2: No nominations or write-ins for office shall occur on or after nomination night unless
a candidate declines for an office.

Section 3: The president shall appoint two (2) tellers to count the ballots.

Section 4: A candidate must have attended at least six (6) meetings during the previous year to
be eligible for office.

Section 5: If in the event all candidates for office are un-opposed, the recording secretary shall
cast the vote under a motion and a second, to elect all nominated officers to their respective

Section 6: In the event that any officer or trustee steps down from office during their term, the
remaining board of officers and trustees will have the ability to appoint a qualifying member in
to the vacant position until the next election period.

Section 7: If any officer or trustee does not perform their duties as described in the by-laws,
they may be removed for their position by the majority of the officers and trustees.

Article IV – Duties of Officers

President- Presides at all meetings of the Organization. Sees that the By-laws are followed,
votes only in the case of a tie, calls special meetings, co-ordinates public relations activities and
donations of the organization.

Vice President- Aids the president in the performance of his duties and is prepared to assume
the responsibilities of the president during his absence.

Recording Secretary- Records attendance, takes minutes, conducts all correspondence and is
generally responsible for maintaining all department records.

Treasurer- Collects all monies for deposit, is responsible for paying all bills, turns over to the
recording secretary all records of monetary transactions that occur between regular meetings,
provides the organization with a yearly financial report listing all income, expense. Etc.
Trustees- Over see the proper order of the organization, the proper conduction of meetings,
provide a means for comprehensive problem solving. Manages changes to the by-laws,
investigate problems that concern the operation of the organization, and report their findings to
the organization.

Lead Mechanic- Shall be responsible for over seeing and managing all maintenance and
servicing of organization equipment. Purchase repair parts using discretion, secure outside of
contract services for maintenance or repair of said equipment. Report equipment status to the
organization at each regular meeting and additionally be responsible for organization the
purchase any additional equipment that the organization elects to obtain. The purchase of the
new equipment must include at least three quotes from three different vendors as long as this is

Article V – Membership

Section 1: Applicants are required to complete proper paperwork as described by the
organization toe become a member. Obtaining the current years’ trail pass deems one as a

Section 2: the current membership fee must accompany all applications received.

Section 3: This organization shall not refuse the application of any person wishing to be a
member as long as the application is returned with insurance verification and the member’s

Section 4: This organization reserves the right to revoke any membership for such reasons as
poor conduct, defying the organizations rules, misrepresenting the organization, etc. All
revocations shall be done through a majority vote at any regular meeting.

Article VI – Meetings

Section 1: The organization shall hold a regular meeting at 7:30 PM, the first Monday of each
month, provided it does not fall on a major holiday, at which time the meeting shall be changed
to the following Monday.

Section 2: A special meeting can be held at any time, provided notices are given one week in

Section3: At least 5 people must attend a regular meeting in order to carry out any business

Section 4: Meetings are open to all members.

Section 5: Meetings will be conducted by the President and in their absence, the Vice President.

Section 6: Order

1. President calls the meeting to order
2. Secretary reads attendance
3. Communications
4. Treasurer’s report
5. Lead Mechanic’s report
6. Unfinished business
7. New Business
8. Adjournment

Section 7: The organizational decisions will be handled through the use of motions presented by members at the meeting. No motion shall be entertained unless recognized by the President and
recorded by the Secretary, moved and seconded. No additional motions shall be made until the original motion is either accepted or rescinded. The individual who made the motion may only
rescind a motion. Once moved and seconded, the motion shall be open to the floor for discussion. All motions shall be accepted for passage by a majority vote. The recording
Secretary will record the status of any and all motions.

Article VII – Amendments to By-Laws

Section 1: The By-Laws shall be amended by the affirmative vote of a majority of the active members only after the amendment is approved and standing on recorded for a period of one (1)
month. (Two meetings) After the one (1) month period, it may either be amended or rejected by a majority vote at a regular meeting.

Article VIII- Finance

Section 1: The fiscal year of the corporation shall extend from January 1, to December 31.

Section 2: The President and Secretary of the organization shall sign and execute in the name of
the corporation all authorized deeds; mortgages, bonds, contracts and other instruments provided
such action has been previously the board of directors.

Section 3: No part of the net earnings of the corporation shall be to benefit of or distributed to
its’ members, officers or trustees. (This pertains to the general membership. Landowners
/member are the exception.) The corporation is allowed to pay reasonable compensation for
service rendered and make payments as stated in the articles of incorporation. No substantial part
of the organizations activities should be carrying on of propaganda, or influencing legislation and
will not take part in any political campaign for public officials. Notwithstanding any other
provision of these articles, the corporation shall not carry on any other activities not permitted to
be carried on (a) by a charitable organization exempt from Federal Income Tax under section
501C3 of the Internal Revenue code of 1986 (or the corresponding provision of any future
United States Internal Revenue Law) or (b) by a charitable organization’s contributions to which
were deductible under section 170c2 of the Internal Revenue code of 1986 (or corresponding
provision of any future United States Internal Revenue Law).

Article IX – Disbandment

Section 1: In the event the club must disband, it will be the duty of the current officers and
trustees to fully document the reason for disbandment. Upon review of this document, twothirds vote of the officers will be required to disband. Upon disbandment, all club assets remaining, after payment of all debts and liabilities of the corporation, shall be distributed to a
non profit organization or fund which is organized and operated exclusively for charitable
purposes and which has established its tax exempt status under section 501C3 of the Internal
Revenue Code. At that time the club charter will be returned to the PA state government for